Hygiene Solutions

Healthy livestock that reaches its genetic potential, whether through growth, FCR, fertility or milk yield, is the ultimate goal for any modern farm enterprise. Our product line for Hygiene Solutions plays an important role in achieving this goal by ensuring a clean and pathogen free environment for producing and housing livestock.

The efficiency and success rate of cleaning and disinfectant products at farm-level depend on the product quality as much as on following the farm specific hygiene program in which these products should be implemented.

The use of hygiene programs also leads to a higher farm biosecurity status. Biosecurity is the combination of all measures taken to avoid disease pathogens to enter a farm from the outside (external biosecurity) as well as all the measures taken to prevent pathogens from spreading inside of a farm and between animal groups (internal biosecurity). Therefore it is crucial that a complete hygiene program is needed, both for the whole farm whilst also for each part or section of the farm where a specific protocol from the hygiene program applies.

A hygiene product therefore should be especially designed to work in a specific area. Different materials for surfaces such as plastic, coated iron, concrete, etc. used in animal houses, will determine the best product of choice for that specific area. Cleaning and disinfecting the inside of drinking water lines for pig and poultry houses, or the milking lines of a dairy milking parlour, require specific hygiene products.

Our Hygiene Solutions offer a full range of high quality hygiene products for poultry, pig and dairy farms.

Products only available for export outside of the EU.