UDDER - Teat skin conditioner

LACTIC GREEN is ready to use and comes as a very viscous solution. LACTIC GREEN offers perfect teat protection after milking due to the protective components such as glycerin and other specific co-formulants. The adherent technology will ensure a soft, hydrated, clean and protected teat skin after milking. Does not drip, leaves a green color after use and can very easily be removed with paper, towel or cloth.

Mode of use: Apply only after milking.
1. Fill the dipping cup applicator with LACTIC GREEN. Do not dilute.
2. Immerse the teat with LACTIC GREEN at least ¾ of the outside of the teats, after removing the milking cluster.
3. No need to dry the teats before use of LACTIC GREEN.
Always use a clean dipping cup applicator. Do not mix with other chemicals.

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