UDDER -  Teat skin conditioner

LACTIC DIOX ACTIVE is a viscous solution which after a 50/50 mixing with VITAFOR DIOX BASE, offers a perfect teat protection after milking due to the protective components such as glycerin and other specific co-formulants. The adherent technology will ensure a soft, hydrated, clean and protected teat skin after milking. Does not drip, leaves a green color after use and can very easily be removed with paper, towel or cloth.

Mode of use: Apply only after milking:
1. Fill half of the dipping cup applicator with VITAFOR DIOX BASE.
2. Fill up the other half of the dipping cup applicator with VITAFOR DIOX ACTIVE.
3. Shake the dipping cup applicator very well for 1 minute.
4. Leave the mixed product to rest for 24 hours. The product is now ready to use.
5. Immerse the teat with the mixture VITAFOR DIOX BASE+ACTIVE at least ¾ of the outside of the teats, after removing the milking cluster.
6. The 50/50 mixture of VITAFOR DIOX BASE + DIOX ACTIVE is for at least 20 days usable.
Always use a clean dipping cup applicator. Do not mix with other chemicals.

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