VITA-DRY is a 100% natural ultra absorbent dryers for a clean and comfortable bedding.

  • 80% absorption
  • Coarser granular size
  • Dust-free product
  • For all types of surfaces


Clay minerals in different granulometry consisting of colloidal clay.


Chicken: 70 g/m², twice a week, 1 to 5 weeks

Turkey: 70 g/m² twice a week from the 2nd to the 10th week

Gestating sows and gilts: 40 g/sow/day or 3x per week

Maternity: spread it in the piglets' nests and on the hot plates

Cowsheds and stalls: 50 to 100 g/m², 1-2 times per week

Calves for breeding: 100 g/m²; 3 times per week

Horses: 100 g/m², before putting in the bedding


25 kg bag or big bag 1000 kg

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