• Prevention and treatment of heat stress effects
  • Antimicrobial, antifungal effect
  • Stimulates resistance against respiratory disorders
  • Improves body weight gain


A unique synergy of herbal oils and vitamin C.

Eucalyptus oil: A promising alternative to improve thermal comfort to chickens, as well as their immune responses. This oil has positive effects in reducing thermal sensation in birds, promoting freshness in thermoregulatory sensors of the endocrine system, being an alternative to reduce the deleterious effects of heat on broilers.

Menthol: Supplementation of menthol in the diet improve oxidative stability, performance, body temperature in heat stress, carcass and internal organ weights.

Thyme oil: It is also used as an alternative growth promoter with positive effects on economic performance (FCR and EPEI) and the immune responses (IBD) during 1–28 days of age of broiler chickens raised under hot climates, and shows a prebiotic-like effect.

Oregano oil: The potential advantages of utilizing oregano extracts, in poultry diets include improved feed intake and feed conversion and increased body weight gain. Using oregano oil in broiler diets improves feed conversion ratio and feed utilization. Moreover, oregano induces a marked improvement on the intestinal microbiota and ileal villus height of broilers.

Vitamin C: Supplementation of ascorbic acid improves feed intake, body weight gain, feed efficiency, egg production and quality, nutrient digestibility, immune response and antioxidant status in poultry birds.



Eucalyptus Oil
Oregano Oil
Thyme Oil
Ascorbic Acid


According to local regulation/legislation or you can contact our nutritionists for further assistance.

Shelf life

2 years


1 L bottle and 5 L drum

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