• Promotes feed intake and average daily gain after weaning
  • Promotes a beneficial gut microflora
  • Supports digestion in the animal by lowering the pH


Well-balanced mixture of short chain fatty acids, buffered acids, mono-di triglycerides of butyric acid, prebiotics and essential oils.

Formic acid as strong acidifier
Lowering the pH of the drinking water is important to inhibit the growth of bacteria. By fast dissociation, formic acid drops the pH of the water quickly to 4. Below a pH 4 bacteria such as Salmonella will be inhibited.

Formiate and propionic acid
Propionic acid has an antimicrobial and acidification effect in water and in the first parts of the gastro-intestinal tract. Due to its high pKa value, a large fraction of propionic acid is available to act in the gastro-intestinal gut. Formic acid is released from its salt in the stomach. A lower gastric pH reduces the survival of ingested pathogens reaching the small intestine via the stomach. Both acids prevent the adhesion of E. coli in the small intestine (MIC 0.1%).

Mono-butryn: bactercidal action in the small intestine
Butyric acid is the most effective SCFA in the gut because it stimulates the gastrointestinal cell growth. The more surface (size & length) this villi have, the greater and more efficient the absorption of nutrients will be.

Inulin as prebiotic
Prebiotics are a form of non-digestible fiber, which serves as food for probiotics. Inulin is a fructo-oligosaccharide, which constitutes as a good source of dietary fiber. It is an effective alternative for growth promotors, because it stimulates gut development and enhances the mineral absorption.

Cinnamaldehyde as essential oil
The essential oil of cinnamon is highly effective against both E. coli and Salmonella. Essential oil increase the bactericidal efficacy of organic acids by facilitating the entry of the organic acid into the bacterial cell wall.




Formic acid
Propionic acid
Mono-di and tri glycerides of butyric acid


According to local regulation/legislation or you can contact our nutritionists for further assistance.

Shelf life

2 years


25 kg drum & 220 kg IBC

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