• Improves water hygiene
  • Supports animal digestion by lowering the pH
  • Improves nutrient digestibility
  • Inhibits microbes in water lines


Quick reduction of the pH in water

A quick drop of the pH is assured by the concentrated formula of VITA-ACID LIQUID. This is required for the product to play its primary role as acidifier and bacteria inhibiter in the water but it is also important to it at a relative low dosage, reducing the cost per treated animal.

Double antimicrobial activity

The un-dissociated organic acid will actively inhibit and reduce the bacterial load in the water and in the proximal parts of the GIT. Even a weak acid like propionic acid (high pKa) will not be fully available for this bacterial activity because a part of it will be lost due to dissociation in the water. This helps the animal to obtain as much as undissociated organic acid molecules within the GIT as possible. VITA-ACID LIQUID contains the salt of an organic acid in the formula. This molecule will not be influenced nor undergo any change in the drinking water but only will release its un-dissociated organic acid in the stomach. There it can start to play its role as bactericide in the GIT.

Supports digestion

When the maternal milk stops being the base diet, piglets are not physiologically prepared to assimilate a non-dairy diet. The main inconvenience of the dry diet is the neutralizing blocking capacity of an incipient acidity of the stomach which can last up to 12 weeks of age. This situation triggers two undesirable effects: the natural gastric barrier loses its effect against the pathogenic bacteria of food, and the undigested non-dairy proteins reduce the efficiency of food while being a good source of nutrients for digestive pathogenic microorganisms. The pH decrease caused by VITA-ACID LIQUID leads to an increased pepsin activity and a slower stomach emptying. This results translates into better protein digestibility so that, for example, fewer nutrients for salmonella germs end up in the colon.



Formic Acid
Ammonium Formate
Propionic Acid
Acetic Acid
Citric Acid


According to local regulation/legislation or you can contact our nutritionists for further assistance.


25 and 240 KG drums

Shelf life

2 years

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