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Training Russian distributor (FEED CONSULT)

On April 24th, representatives of the company Vitafor conducted a training session on the company's registered products for Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan at the office in Minsk of our partner and distributor Feed Consult. The discussed liquid feed additives, which have proven proven their effectiveness in poultry and pig farming, are used to maintain intestinal health, protect immunity and prevent diseases.

Training feed consult

To optimize the pH of water and feed, and to maintain intestinal health, the company offers a well-balanced liquid additive VITA-PROFOR. To support immunity, the company's specialists have developed a liquid mixture of fat & water-soluble vitamins amino acids. For the prevention of fat deposits, the company offers a lipotropic agent containing a natural medicinal extract of artichoke. Furthermore VITA-PHOSCAL, which has a track-record in improving the egg shell quality and productivity of laying hens, was proudly presented. 

Training feed consult

The training was vivid, interesting and informative. Many employees from the different regions participated to the training.

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