Vitafor offers and successfully delivers since 1974 its vitamins, minerals, amino acids, coccidiostats, antibiotics, growth promoters, antioxidants, salmonella-mould-inhibitors, acidifiers, pellet- and toxin-binders, pigments, pharmaceuticals, cleaning and disinfecting agents, injectables and many others.

Manufacturing and Nutrition

Vitafor manufacturers high grade minerals such as: copper sulphate, zinc oxyde, sodium selenite, cobalt sulphate ready for use in your premixes.
As a premixer we carefully prepare tailor-made vitamin and mineral powder and liquid premixes accustomed to the needs of your animals. Their development and nutritional value is created by our skilled team of nutritionists. Vitafor manufacturers, as one of few EU companies, premixes with coccidiostats, antibiotics and growth promotors.
Vitafor's products are manufactured in Belgium by an experienced production team and under the supervision of the Belgian and the GMP authorities.
Important: Vitafor supplies its products also under private label.

Certified Quality

To meet the requirements of the highly regulated feed additive industry, Vitafor delivers only premium quality additives and pharmaceuticals.
Our products comply with the EU regulations and demands of our esteemed clients. Vitafor is the oldest and the most trusted GMP manufacturer since 1995. Therefore, the main quality focus, next to R&D, is concentrated on the quality control and the trace-ability.


We care about the comfort of our clients. Therefore we offer a One-Stop-Shopping for all. Starting from the small companies and finishing on big corporations Vitafor offers one order, one set of documents, one delivery, one payment and many smiles.

Flexibility & Reliability

Flexibility is our pride. Vitafor delivers feed additives from our 3 warehouses located 20km from one of the largest European harbor - Antwerp in Belgium. Thanks to its location and the people Vitafor is able to support you and your animals with correct and timely deliveries. Your service is our business.

People Make The Difference

To serve you is our greatest privilege and challenge. Challenge that is faced by the highly skilled sales and shipping teams. They are there to make your "Vitafor experience" as pleasant and stress-free as possible.
The multilingual sales team provides you with rapid and competitive offers and tailored to your needs information.
There where, the shipping team, the export-masters, focuses on timely shipments and correctly prepared export documents and products.